PZ Series Knife Gate Valve

This series knife gate valve is a kind of gate valve, it is straight stroke cut off valve, the knife gate valve gate head has oblique cutting edge, has certain cutting effect to the medium, can be equipped with manual, pneumatic, electric actuator, widely used in papermaking, mining, chemical, sewage treatment and other process automatic control system.


Nominal SizeDN50~DN600
Pressure RatingPN6/PN10/PN16;CL150(PN20)
Operateing Temperature-29℃~150℃
CharacteristicsQuickly open
Seat Leakage ClassMSS SP81-2001: D,AA
Body MaterialWCB、CF8、CF8M etc.
Trim Material16Mn+ENP+Stellite/304spraying Stellite/304nitriding/304+WC etc.
Seal MaterialPTFE, Flexible graphite